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Senator Peter MiccicheLegislature Passes Bill to Simplify Landing Taxes for Commercial Fishermen and to encourage New Added-Value Products and Investment for Salmon and Herring

JUNEAU- The Alaska State Legislature unanimously passed Senate Bill 71, sponsored by Senator Peter Micciche (R-Soldotna). SB71 does three primary things for commercial fishing families in Alaska.  Full Story >>

Senator John CoghillLegislature Passes Bill to Protect Children During Abuse Investigations

JUNEAU-The Alaska State Legislature has passed Senate Bill 187, sponsored by Senator John Coghill (R-North Pole), which makes it a Class ‘A’ Misdemeanor for anyone to distribute or publish an audio or video recording of an interview of a child, or other physical evidence such as medical photos , gathered for a child abuse investigation.  Full Story >>

Majority Press OfficeSenate and House Reach Tentative Agreement on Education Plan

JUNEAU-Tonight, the Senate and House Joint Conference Committee reached a tentative agreement on House Bill 278. The plan includes several improvements to Alaska’s Education Opportunity Act, otherwise known the Governor’s education package. The plan focuses on providing more choices for parents, giving more resources to teachers and creating more opportunities for students.  Full Story >>

Senator Cathy GiesselSenator Cathy Giessel Welcomes News About BP Sale of Assets to Hilcorp

JUNEAU-Tonight, Senator Cathy Giessel, (R-Anchorage Hillside/Turnagain/N. Kenai) welcomed news about the sale of BP Assets to Hilcorp.  Full Story >>

Senator Lesil McGuireLegislature Approves Arctic Infrastructure Package

JUNEAU - Today, the Alaska State Legislature passed Senate Bill 140 which is designed to boost infrastructure development in the Arctic. SB140 creates incentives to attract private investment to build much needed ports, roads, emergency and telecommunications projects in the Alaskan Arctic.  Full Story >>

Our Policy Priorities


chalkboard.jpgSenate Education Task Force: Senate Finance Subcommittee meetings held during the interim to explore the total cost of K-12 education and gather recommendations for the upcoming legislative session.   The Senate is currently considering the Governor's range of educational reforms and enhancements.

natural_gas_sm.jpgAlaska LNG Gasline:

Fiscal Terms: Create and establish a durable gas fiscal regime to make Alaska globally competitive while insuring Alaskans receive their fair share of revenues from an LNG Pipeline. 


budget_sign.jpgSustainable Budgets: Year 2 of 5 year plan to reduce the cost of government and contain the annual growth to a sustainable level for our future. Last year $1.1 billion in general funds were eliminated from the budget.

PERS/TRS Unfunded Liability: $12 billion in unfunded liability, work continues on balancing the best interests of the state and the retiree obligations.